Belly Leather Bagstraps - We have a small quantity of bagstraps that feature a softer flexible leather from the belly of the hide available at a discounted price. As it is often hard to source leather hides that are large enough to fashion 72” straps, we often waste certain leather when we only cut from the centre/back of the hide. As leather is cut towards the side of the hide, the softer and flexible belly leather there can be used to make up the straps length. We ensure that this softer leather will be located behind the buckle, out of site, when worn on the bag, and it is almost impossible to distinguish from a short distance away. We are now starting to offer this straps at a discounted price.

This item is currently not available.

These straps are priced at £15.75 + P&P and available on request at the email contact on the left.


The All-Weather Strap - Created from an American waterproof leather, and treated heavily with oil, this strap will withstand any amount of outdoor abuse without cracking or hardening. If you have new and expensive Indy gear for indoor display, this is not the strap for you - See our regular bag strap. These specials are made "rugged" for hard and active outdoor use, doing the things Indy did. They look antique from the outset, and will withstand raging torrents without loosing softness or strength.

These straps are priced at £16.99 + P&P and are available on request at the email contact on the left.

This item is no longer available.

Warning: Some oils may seep onto clothing initially.

All Weather Strap
Image displays Plain and Edge Creased version


Brass Buckle - These solid cast buckles are the exact same specification as our custom made nickel buckles. They can be brought individually or attached to a strap as a special order. For the non-Indy purist who just wants a hard-wearing buckle they can polish for their strap, these buckles are for you. They look great on dark tan straps.

These buckles are £5.49 inc P&P and are available on request at the email contact on the left.

Brass Buckle
Image displays 'DARK TAN - Edge Creased' strap